Info om TILTENTA 11-2600-4600

TILTENTA 11-2600-4600

The TILTENTA-11 range from HEDELIUS is scaling new heights with its remarkable 1,100 mm Y travel path. The TILTENTA 11-2600 opens up new areas of application in the machining of individual parts and entire series in machine construction, tool making and vehicle manufacturing. The TILTENTA crossover concept solves all sorts of challenges, whether machining long workpieces or 5-sided complete machining with an integrated NC rotary table. The combination of a continuously pivotable main spindle and a long machine table with an integrated NC rotary table enables mixed manufacturing of large workpieces and precise 5-axis machining within the apparatus.

  • Extra-large Y travel of 1,100 mm
  • Versatile 4/5-axis machining centre with pivoting main spindle
  • High table load
  • Optionally with integrated heavy-load rotary table
  • Utmost precision across four axes in the tool and one axis in the workpiece
  • Fast 65-slot tool changer

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